Our History

The Avarca Store began when Samuel Florit, born and raised in Menorca (Spain), moved to New york with his greek-american wife to pursue their careers in Manhattan.

As a “Menorqui” (which means born and raised in Menorca in catalan, my local language) I grew up all my life wearing avarcas, the traditional footwear in Menorca. My love for my homeland, culture and tradition always been a strong part of me even when I am living thousands of miles away.

Once I moved in the USA I couldn’t find a shop where to buy avarcas. And this is how everything began, I decided to import avarcas from the best artisans in Menorca on my own and offer them to the rest of world.

This project is bringing me so much joy, keeps me a little closer to Menorca and gives me the chance to offer to the rest of the world the opportunity to enjoy this simple and beautifully handcrafted leather sandals made in Menorca. The Avarcas.

About Avarca Sandals

Avarcas, also known as Abarcas o Menorquinas is the traditional footwear in Menorca, where culture, tradition and fashion mets with a family-run style/artisan business ethics.

Menorca is not only the home of the traditional avarca leather sandals. Menorca is also a beautiful small island in the Mediterranean sea in Spain, with beautiful virgin and unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters, breathtaking green country side, charming white houses and an extraordinary gastronomic heritage. I really recommend you to visit!

The Avarca Store

We are family run business , where husband and wife are founders at The Avarca Store, brings you handmade eco-friendly artisanal leather sandals made in Menorca (Spain).

The Avarca Store is a curated selection of the best artisan avarcas sandals from Menorca. We are proud to bring to the United States and the rest of the world our legendary avarcas, artisanal leather sandals made in Menorca (Spain).

We hope that you are going to enjoy our avarcas as much as we do.

Thank you for passing by,