Avarca de Menorca Logo. Made in Menorca with the highest standards.

February 03, 2015

Due to its popularity, some manufactures have come up with fake imitations that have nothing to do with the artisan handcrafted with top quality materials used in the genuine avarcas.

Look always for the Avarca de Menorca Logo. 

The local government in Menorca (Consell Insular) and the Shoemaker Association of Menorca ( Associació de fabricants del Calçat de Menorca) as a me sure to protect the traditional avarcas handmade in the island of Menorca, have develop the "Avarca de Menorca" logo as a product made in Menorca with quality guaranteed, ensuring the highest quality standards of craftsmanship and the authenticity of the avarcas, while preserving the tradition and craftsmanship in the island of Menorca.

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